Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Friday, 22 September 2017


i built my name in scratch you can do lots of things with it you learn what to do in the instructions on the thing hope you have fun

Monday, 18 September 2017

planet unknown

Planet unknown
After the meteor hit sadly mars explorer one and two died but the seed survived. It grew into a marshmallow tree and candy men popped up and the marshmallow tree sprouted more marshmallow trees. The marshmallow trees made lollipop water.

Humans never found out because the robots died but there was one problem a monster smelled the candy and tried to eat the marshmallow trees and candy men. It also slurped up the lollipop water. The candy men fled and the lollipop water just sat there. The marshmallow trees were the only thing left to fight. The marshmallow trees dropped poisonous marshmallows, grew marshmallow guns and put on squishy marshmallow armor as they prepared for battle.

As the monster approached the marshmallow tree that started it all shouted fire the monster was just eating all the marshmallows but then a little one decided to chuck a load of poisonous  marshmallows the monster fell onto the ground and he was to sick and full to move. All the marshmallows were piling up on top of him until he was stuck in a sea of marshmallows.



this is  my art blog post and that is my art you can buy it. it is a picture of a sea animal i created it has a submarine on the side shooting a missile at the creacher. the animal is sticking its sticky tongue out and grabbing the two fish.

Friday, 8 September 2017

how to belly flop

How To Bellyflop
  1. Find some water (bigger enough and deep enough)
  2. Find something to jump off
  3. Jump off with arms out and tummy in front
  4. splash!!
  1. 1st 2 steps on normal
  2. Go backwards or forwards (it's easier backwards)
  3. Jump of, if backwards jump go straight on your back, if forwards do ¾ of  a front flip and slap on your back
Cowboy style
  1. Go on your horse, and to water
  2. cowboy up to the rock
  3. Do a little dance and trip on a rock
  4. Fall into the water on your belly
Whale style
  1. Flop your way up (it’s because you're a whale)
  2. Get ready to pin drop
  3. Jump off but slowly go forwards and put your arms out like side fins
  4. Do a big splash when you hit the water
Parkourist style

  1. Parkour your way up
  2. Miss a jump
  3. Fall down
  4. Splat on your belly


Flyonomanis is a slimy monster that's also known as slimy flyer. When you see him he will suck the goodness out of you. You should avoid him.

He has a high pitch scream and a hissing of a snake. He has tentacles hanging down ready to grab you. It spits out gunpowder and its weakness is fire. It wears funny hat nothing scary about that. Stuff will get sucked into him and slowly dissolve. It flies through the air without wings (no one knows how it does that).

Where it came from
An evil genius was planning to turn himself into water so it was easier to rob banks but it went wrong and he got turned into flyonomanis.

Next time you should listen out for that noise, when you hear it you should hide.
by Dion

Monday, 21 August 2017

artetects 2

The Adventures Of Marshal mallow

The adventures of marshall mallow

Once upon a time in the scorching house of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! There lived a marshmallow called marshall mallow. He was a great warrior. One day when he was sitting next to the hot fiery fireplace the fireplace said “hey you yes you come over here and get into my mouth to keep me burning”, then marshall mallow replied “you don’t just talk to me like that you gotta fight me for me to do that” then they started fighting Marshmallow VS Fireplace.

They battled hard, then the fireplace got marshall mallow but he jumped out before he caught on fire and died. Just before the fireplace could get him again he scampered away to get some water. As he went to get some water the fireplace called out “you get back here” when marshall mallow comes back he hides the water behind him and then when he got close enough he splashed the water inside his mouth then the fire place yelled out “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” Marshmallow Is Victorious.

But marshall mallow is now a toasted marshmallow. As he was going along after he kinda won the battle he met cupcake. Then cupcake said “i challenge you to a duel because i haven't won a battle yet” then marshall mallow said “OK then” Marshmallow VS Cupcake.

As the battle went on marshall mallow got stuck in the cupcakes hair but he actually he quite liked it then cupcake said “this is quite nice” and they decided to stay like that forever and become a toasted marshmallow cupcake. the end


Thursday, 27 July 2017


It is cold
So very cold.
It is so very cold,
You can see frozen geese on the ground,
Hot dogs were cold dogs,
Big cats and cattle cuddle each other carles.
It is so very cold,
Threshers get stuck in thick ice,
Water dragons get very weak,
Chocolates are impossible to chew,
Tee-shirts were too cold.
It is so very cold,
Beaches are bleak
Surfers get stuck in frozen

Dion Wilson

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

My Helicopter

This is my helicopter that I made out of Lego. It's not that stable but it's big propeller can turn for longer than the little one and it's weighs about 700 gram and 13 cm long. It's pretty cool.­čÜü­čîÇ

Thursday, 4 May 2017


Today we did an interdependence activity. We needed to split into two groups one did the drawing and one made a rap, I was in the drawing group. We worked pretty well but I forgot to put my name down for the rap so i wasn't it but we still won and got five green cards. YAY!