Monday, 18 September 2017

planet unknown

Planet unknown
After the meteor hit sadly mars explorer one and two died but the seed survived. It grew into a marshmallow tree and candy men popped up and the marshmallow tree sprouted more marshmallow trees. The marshmallow trees made lollipop water.

Humans never found out because the robots died but there was one problem a monster smelled the candy and tried to eat the marshmallow trees and candy men. It also slurped up the lollipop water. The candy men fled and the lollipop water just sat there. The marshmallow trees were the only thing left to fight. The marshmallow trees dropped poisonous marshmallows, grew marshmallow guns and put on squishy marshmallow armor as they prepared for battle.

As the monster approached the marshmallow tree that started it all shouted fire the monster was just eating all the marshmallows but then a little one decided to chuck a load of poisonous  marshmallows the monster fell onto the ground and he was to sick and full to move. All the marshmallows were piling up on top of him until he was stuck in a sea of marshmallows.


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  1. grate wont like that planet for shore.