Friday, 8 September 2017

how to belly flop

How To Bellyflop
  1. Find some water (bigger enough and deep enough)
  2. Find something to jump off
  3. Jump off with arms out and tummy in front
  4. splash!!
  1. 1st 2 steps on normal
  2. Go backwards or forwards (it's easier backwards)
  3. Jump of, if backwards jump go straight on your back, if forwards do ¾ of  a front flip and slap on your back
Cowboy style
  1. Go on your horse, and to water
  2. cowboy up to the rock
  3. Do a little dance and trip on a rock
  4. Fall into the water on your belly
Whale style
  1. Flop your way up (it’s because you're a whale)
  2. Get ready to pin drop
  3. Jump off but slowly go forwards and put your arms out like side fins
  4. Do a big splash when you hit the water
Parkourist style

  1. Parkour your way up
  2. Miss a jump
  3. Fall down
  4. Splat on your belly

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