Monday, 21 August 2017

The Adventures Of Marshal mallow

The adventures of marshall mallow

Once upon a time in the scorching house of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! There lived a marshmallow called marshall mallow. He was a great warrior. One day when he was sitting next to the hot fiery fireplace the fireplace said “hey you yes you come over here and get into my mouth to keep me burning”, then marshall mallow replied “you don’t just talk to me like that you gotta fight me for me to do that” then they started fighting Marshmallow VS Fireplace.

They battled hard, then the fireplace got marshall mallow but he jumped out before he caught on fire and died. Just before the fireplace could get him again he scampered away to get some water. As he went to get some water the fireplace called out “you get back here” when marshall mallow comes back he hides the water behind him and then when he got close enough he splashed the water inside his mouth then the fire place yelled out “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” Marshmallow Is Victorious.

But marshall mallow is now a toasted marshmallow. As he was going along after he kinda won the battle he met cupcake. Then cupcake said “i challenge you to a duel because i haven't won a battle yet” then marshall mallow said “OK then” Marshmallow VS Cupcake.

As the battle went on marshall mallow got stuck in the cupcakes hair but he actually he quite liked it then cupcake said “this is quite nice” and they decided to stay like that forever and become a toasted marshmallow cupcake. the end


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